PolySpot Puts Information to Work within the Enterprise with Their Unique Big Data Solution

December 19, 2012

Leveraging the power of big data is huge in terms of any discussion related to business processes and business strategy today. The Harvard Business Review carries on this conversation with their article and webinar on “Organizational Imperatives in the Era of Big Data.” This webinar from Thomas Redman discusses key organizational issues you must resolve in order to leverage big data.

Technological challenges were put into perspective with this article:

The technological challenges are legion, but they pale in comparison to the organizational challenges. From a lack of analytically capable analysts, managers, and leaders, to organizational structures that inhibit data sharing, few of today’s organizations are capable of taking advantage of the opportunities presented by “Big Data.” Resolving these challenges and readying an organization is among the most important management challenges of our times.

Companies must leave the technological challenge of creating technologies that can utilize big data to existing big data vendors such as PolySpot. Many enterprises have discovered that solutions such as PolySpot’s Information at Work aid in both the organizational aspect of locating data in near real-time when it needs to be utilized and in enriching big data so that it is primed to deliver meaning.

Megan Feil, December 19, 2012

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