Full Service Providers Successfully Navigate and Mine the Digital Universe Resources

December 26, 2012

The various ways to utilize Big Data without suffering unnecessary storage headaches has made headlines over the past few years. Some software applications evolved early to create a cure. Steve Todd’s article “Information Playground: Technologies for the Emerging Digital Universe” rehashes the facts about M2M usage increases and the importance of processing that incoming data.

The digital universe is not emerging, as it reared its head a decade ago. Instead it is technology that is emerging, as new developers experiment with ways to manipulate and benefit from the massive amounts of incoming data:

“More and more streaming data will be ingested into in-memory, distributed data grids. The key is the in-memory, horizontal scale provided by these types of technologies. Business logic accepts streaming machine input from sensors and immediately stores them in either key-value (Gemfire) or SQL (SQLFire) format. More and more streaming machine data will be process in real-time by a technology known as CEP, Complex Event Processing. This is a method of tracking and analyzing (processing) streams of information (data) about things that happen (events), and deriving a conclusion from them.”

Thought provoking, but established developers considered these possibilities a decade ago and made provisions to navigate and mine the resources of the digital universe. We think preparing the enterprise for the continuing deluge of information will benefit from working with a full service firm such as Intrafind, whose consulting services can guide organizations through the strategy that will make the most of their data investments.

Jennifer Shockley, December 26, 2012

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