Study Reveals Data and Solutions that Allow for Analysis to be as Valuable as Land, Labor and Capital

January 8, 2013

We lucked into finding a copy of Capgemini EIU Big Data Study available for perusing on Slide Share. The Economist Intelligence Unit from this consultancy agency surveyed over 600 business leaders worldwide and across different industry sectors about the use of Big Data in their organizations.

The survey pointed to certain challenges for decision making arising from Big Data. Volume is not the toughest problem for analysts to deal with. 85% of respondendts felt that the challenge lies in the access to big data and the ability to analyze it in real-time.

The article states:

Familiar challenges relating to data quality, governance and consistency also remain relevant, with 56% of respondents citing organisational silos as their biggest problem in making better use of BigData. For our respondents, data is now the fourth factor of production, as essential as land, labour and capital. It follows that tomorrow’s winners will be the organisations that succeed in exploiting Big Data, for example by applying advanced predictive analytic techniques in real time.

It is clear from this article and the findings reported in the study that a greater emphasis must be placed on connectors, such as those found in solutions from PolySpot. Their infrastructure technologies allow analysts to easily access and analyze data in real time.

Megan Feil, January 8, 2013

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