PolySpot Disseminates Big Data Gold

January 25, 2013

Even though many companies started researching big data initiatives for their organization, they did not actively pursue the technologies or the workforce needed to turn their data into gold. Experts in the field are opining in their predictions that 2013 will be the year that big data really hits and companies utilizing it will have a competitive advantage against others who are behind the curve. GigaOM reports on an opportunity for professionals interested in big data in the brief write-up, “Meet Big Data Bigwigs at Structure: Data.”

The opportunity for networking and learning from industry experts will be from March 20-12 and is called Structure:Data. The article tells us more:

‘Whether we know it or not, data — big, small or otherwise — is becoming a central component to the way we live our lives,’ says GigaOM writer Derrick Harris in his big data predictions for 2013. At Structure:Data we’ll delve into what lies ahead for big data, as we explore the technical and business opportunities that the growth of big data has created. Topics include case studies of big data implementations, the future of Hadoop, machine learning, the looming data-scientist crisis and the top trends in big data technologies.

There are plenty of insights and opportunities to be mined from big data and there are some firms that are already tapping into big data. Tools like PolySpot make this an easy feat for small businesses to large corporations with their scalable solutions to disseminate insights from terabytes in real time across the enterprise.

Megan Feil, January 25, 2012

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