The Truth Behind Cloud Computing Costs

January 25, 2013

Cloud computing allows users ease and accessibility and lower costs, but Datamation analyzes, “What Are The Hidden Costs Of Cloud Computing?” Datamation pulls it information from Symantec’sAvoiding the Hidden Costs of Cloud 2013” survey, that shows cloud adoption is very high. Rogue deployments came from 77% of the survey-takers, meaning the clouds were not approved by corporate IT. Does anyone else here security breech problems?

Cloud storage may be lighter than air, but it is also costing money. That is not the scary point, however:

“Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that 43 percent of respondents admitted that they have lost data in the cloud. In Elliot’s view, there are a number of reasons for the cloud data loss. For one, the cloud data provider could have lost the data in a failure of some sort. What is more likely, though, is that some form of user human error led to the data loss.

‘The user could have accidentally misplaced the data and literally just could not find it,’ [Dave Elliott, senior manager, Global Cloud Marketing at Symantec] said.”

Cloud users are also not fully using all of the storage they pay for and they also do not have data duplication in place. What can we learn from this? Install security policies for the cloud, reevaluate the costs, and make sure everything is consistent! In truth, does anyone even notice the costs compared to responsibilities being shuffled around and cutting staff?

Whitney Grace, January 25, 2013

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