Big Data Solutions Put the Information to Work and Enable Insights to Spread Across the Enterprise

January 29, 2013

Both skill and will are needed for a project to come to fruition. Many organizations have determined that deploying technologies to add value to big data would be beneficial at this point in time. Now, they are looking around to find the workforce with the skill to truly glean all the opportunities and insights possible out of big data. Forbes discusses data scientists and the convoluted Hadoop framework in “Combating the Big Data Skills Shortage.”

The article explains that integrating Hadoop with other projects can prove cumbersome but that the IT community has helped to bridge the gaps:

In the most extreme case, it means that traditional Oracle or DB/2 based applications could essentially run on top Hadoop. In more realistic applications, it means that some traditional applications could be migrated to run on Hadoop, as new data sources are integrated with traditional structured databases. New queries could then be created to take advantage of the traditional and the new data sources together to provide new insight and value to the business.

While some frameworks like Hadoop are better geared towards data scientists and analysts that need years of experience trained in this specific technology, there are still other technologies like infrastructure components that have those skills built into them. A big data solution like PolySpot puts Information At Work to lessen the need for hiring data scientists immediately.

Megan Feil, January 29, 2013

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