Embracing Open Source Only To Make Money

February 3, 2013

Open source offers companies many advantages: software tailored specifically to their needs, no licensing fees, and the support of an entire community. IBM was one of the big companies who adopted an open source policy and others have been following suit. According to Marketwire, Expert System is another business adding open source says the article, “Expert System Announces Integration With Apache Solr For Enterprise Search.”

Expert System is a semantic software company that provides insights into its clients’ information. For its Cogito semantic platform, Expert System installed Apache Solr, an open source enterprise search platform. The goal is that Apache Solr will give clients more precise search results and access to big data and enterprise content.

“’As more organizations recognize the opportunity presented by their information streams, it is important they understand that there are advanced tools that can improve the performance of their existing enterprise content and search investment,’ said Luca Scagliarini, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Expert System. ‘Semantic technology not only excels in making search and information management more accurate, but it also allows organizations to improve the quality of their information for use in the decision making process.’”

Great! Take advantage of open source and use it to deliver a better quality product to customers. That is how open source should be used (as long as Expert System gives something back in return), but there is a problem here. As more companies follow IBM’s open source approach, they seem to be forgetting that IBM is a consulting company and not a software/hardware company. Adopting open source may not build revenue, instead (without the right plan) it will simply create bigger IT headaches.

Whitney Grace, February 3, 2013

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