Microsoft Wants In On Social Search

February 4, 2013

Facebook’s Graph Search launched recently and quick as a hare Microsoft follows with its own social search. ZDNet reports that “Bing And Beyond: How Microsoft Is Attacking ‘Social Search.’” Microsoft is not a social networking company, but it does use Bing’s social sidebar to sync with Facebook. Microsoft now allows more Facebook content via the social sidebar. How much? An average of five times more information from links, status updates, photos, and all the usual Facebook content.

Microsoft and Facebook already have an ongoing deal and the PC-maker wanted to remind users of its existence:

“Microsoft officials played up the increased Facebook integration in a January 17 Bing Community blog post. Two days ago, when Facebook announced its Graph Search technology, the Bing team reminded users that Microsoft is still providing Web search for Facebook. Bing isn’t providing any of the back-end search for Graph Search, however.”

Microsoft and Facebook may be partners right now, but judging how Facebook is trying to compete with Google search by developing an in-house search tool. They might be closer to a dissolution than we think. Microsoft sounds like the gold star student, who is suddenly replaced by a new kid. Microsoft is standing in the back and waving its hand, “I can do that too! Don’t forget about me!”

Whitney Grace, February 04, 2013

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