Independent News in Eastern Europe Bolstered by Solr

February 6, 2013

Independent news agencies have a hard time escaping the tight grasp of government in restricted countries. In the nation of Georgia, the non-profit Sourcefabric has developed Newscoop based on open source software. Open source is not only contributing to profitable business, but to political and ideological freedom. CMS Wire has a full story in, “Newscoop CMS 4.1 Integrates Solr for Search, GeoLocation Tools.”

But our interest here is in the technology, and how Newscoop has been boosted by the power of Solr. The article states:

“The enhanced search functionality in 4.1 is made possible by an integration with Solr, an open source search project out of the Apache Lucene effort, and it is designed to facilitate the ability of site visitors to find relevant content on the news site or in connected blogs. Solr features full-text search, hit highlighting, database integration, auto-suggestion and advanced ranking.”

Many software and enterprise solutions also find their strength in the solid base of Apache Lucene and Solr, the two most trusted names in the Apache open source community. One such solution is LucidWorks. While LucidWorks’ ultimate aim is in efficient enterprise search, its commonality with Newscoop is its sturdy and reliable infrastructure.

Emily Rae Aldridge, February 6, 2013

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