Exclusive Interview: Tom Reamy KAPS Group

February 27, 2013

Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect and founder of KAPS Group, a group of knowledge architecture, taxonomy, and eLearning consultants, Stephen E. Arnold of ArnoldIT.com about the upcoming Text Analytics World conference. On April 17-18, 2013. The conference addresses several important real world topics, including big data, social media, enterprise applications, intelligence applications and knowledge organization. The full text of the interview is available at http://goo.gl/eCDwi.

Mr. Reamy brings years of content structure and text analytics experience to the conference,  which covers the entire spectrum of text analytics from big data/ social media to enterprise text analytics which includes everything from fixing enterprise search to developing advanced, smart applications that gain real value from all that unstructured text. Mr. Reamy will deliver the keynote session “Full Spectrum Text Analytics: Integration of Text Mining & Text Analytics.”

He told Beyond Search:

We also cover all the practical use case examples that let new developers learn how to do TA and more experienced developers share the latest techniques. We cover the real business value that TA can bring to the enterprise, and, lastly, given my interest in theory, we share new ideas and new techniques that enrich the theoretical foundation that is needed to deliver the best (and most practical) applications.

Mr. Reamy has worked in artificial intelligence, computer game and educational software development and corporate intranet consulting, which convinced him of the importance of improving access to data.

Mr. Reamy said:

The basic problem is that search engines don’t understand meaning. Humans think in concepts and search engines deal with meaningless strings. Search companies and users alike have been very creative about trying to overcome the basic stupidity of search engines.

And text analytics is the answer to “smart” searching. “Quite simply, it’s potentially the salvation of search.” Mr. Reamy said. “TA is the piece that can add meaning to search by more closely matching how people think, and can do it more cheaply and consistently than human taggers.”

With new search vendors out there every day, Text Analytic World conference information can arm your company with the knowledge needed to make informed and cost-effective choices.

For more on the conference, visit http://www.textanalyticsworld.com/sanfrancisco/2013.

Don Anderson, February 27, 2013


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