Choosing the Best Fit Enterprise Infrastructure

February 28, 2013

A writer from Search CIO laments that big data is not in fact rocket science in a recent article, “Data Mining Challenges on the Horizon: Got Big Data? Now What?” This writer attended a two-hour seminar which was sponsored by the Mass Technology Leadership Council and moderated by the global VP of Oracle’s Health Sciences business unit, Kris Joshi,

We learned from this article that infrastructure has been targeted as a high priority and there are several solutions:

Harvard, for example, has a new data center in Holyoke, Mass., that will be able to handle 40,000 calls. It’s the university’s last, by the way, according to Clamp, because when this baby no longer computes, the next cluster will be in the cloud. In the big data puzzle, as Broad’s Trunnell put it, infrastructure is “in many ways the easiest one to solve.” Heck, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is using Oracle’s Exa-line products to help monitor a purported 50 billion transactions per day.

Big data may not be rocket science but many enterprise organizations have found that choosing the appropriate technology for their specific case can be a tough job. We recommend starting with the fundamental component to a big data solution and employing an enterprise infrastructure focused on data delivery.

Megan Feil, February 28, 2013

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