Use Rapportive Mailtester and Connect to Track Down Any Email Address

June 23, 2013

The article titled The Art of Finding Anyone’s Email Address on Life After Cubes direct all would be spammers to several helpful tools. Three sites mentioned are, and, which are used to track down social media profiles, test e-mail addresses for legitimacy and search through a massive online directory, respectively. The article explains the early steps, beginning with finding the contact,

“For this example, let’s say I find Raymond Stuoper, who is the Senior Director of Technology Partnerships (real title, fake person)… Rapportive integrates directly into Gmail and not only gives you social media information about people who email you, but it also tells you social media information about people you’re emailing. You can type in any email address and Rapportive will look for social media accounts associated with that address. If it finds one, you know the email address is correct.”

It goes on with mailtester, checking different versions to see if they work. If neither of these options is successful, Connect is available. There you can “buy” the contact’s business card (with the name, phone number and email address) with their points system. We hope all PR honchettes are perking up their ears at these tips for adding to their already sagging address books.

Chelsea Kerwin, June 23, 2013

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