Talking SEO with those Outside the Industry

June 25, 2013

SEOmoz shares an interesting article in light of the semi-recent Mother’s Day holiday. He has an open conversation with his mother about his industry, SEO, to pick her brain on the subject. He shares the interview in the posting, “How My Mom Thinks Search Engines Work.”

After learning that the author’s mother understands that search engines make money through advertising and that she believes search engines give sites placement at the top of a search result based on which have had the most people click through to them.

The author also spends some time reflecting on understanding a comprehension gap:

“This is certainly not exclusive to SEO, as any of us who have friends in terminology-heavy industries like software, finance or medical fields can easily get lost listening in during a technical conversation. Or my personal favorite, ask someone in the US Military to spout off as many acronyms as they can remember and your head will be left spinning; it’s impressive. Point being, it is important to understand that this gap in comprehension exists.”

In the article’s conclusion we are, of course, left with a happy Mother’s Day wish. Additionally, we wonder about whether the future of search will be a lowest common denominator approach.

Megan Feil, June 25, 2013

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