Endeca Does SEO

July 9, 2013

Web services firm Thanx Media reveals, within their Site Search solutions menu, the existence of a product we find quite interesting: apparently, Endeca has entered the search engine optimization (SEO) space. The description tells us:

Oracle Endeca’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technology provides a proven method for accelerating the optimization of websites and improving natural search results. The technology automates the process of exposing your content to Web search engines in a highly consumable and search engine friendly format.

Your business can boost the value of your Oracle Endeca investment and benefit from:

  • Higher website traffic.
  • Increase the number pages indexed by search engines by more than 500%.
  • Improved quality of indexed pages.
  • A 60% reduction in development hours spent optimizing landing pages for SEO.
  • Improve Natural Search sales by as much as 50%.

A curious move from Endeca. The module generates sitemaps as well as optimizing and redirecting URLs. Even before it was snapped up by Oracle in 2011, the company was at the fore of the faceted search field, with hundreds of customers in areas from ecommerce to intelligence. Endeca was formed in 1999, and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cynthia Murrell, July 09, 2013

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