InetSoft Ramps Up Marketing

July 25, 2013

My Overflight system alerted me to a PR spike from InetSoft, a business intelligence software vendor which opened for business in 1996. One unique selling proposition for InetSoft  is its small footprint. The idea is that some of the newer systems consume significant resources.

The company issued a news release in late June 2013 which explains the firm’s market approach for the balance of 2013. What’s interesting is that many business intelligence vendors do not articulate a strategy. When my goslings (colleagues) and I talk about the companies which once showed promise and seemed to fade after the venture funds hit the bank account, there are some “strategies” which manifest themselves. For example, some business intelligence vendors keep a low profile and pursue government funding; for example, Agiliex, Digital Reasoning, etc. Other business intelligence vendors go where the Wall Street money is; for example, financial services solutions from MarkLogic, Palantir, etc. Other firms sell out and the acquiring firms sell business intelligence to existing customers; Oracle Endeca, Microsoft Fast Search, etc.

So what is InetSoft announcing. Let me highlight a few of the items from “Business Intelligence Pionee4er InetSoft’s Chief Strategy Officer Discusses Results, Strategy, and Outlook”:

  • Leverage the InetSoft reputation for being a good partner
  • Emphasize the importance of finding out if the client has a budget for business intelligence software
  • Focus on business intelligence, not certain operations such as real-time monitoring
  • Delver dashboarding, reporting, and data mashups
  • Emphasize ease of use
  • Improve forecasting
  • Keep balance between lease based contracts and outright purchase contracts.

The write up reported that the InetSoft’s Rajiv Bala Subramanian allegedly said:

I think we are positioned as a niche vendor in the business intelligence market with three core strengths: we offer real-time web-based dashboards that can be built by end users, on-demand publishing-quality reports, and a patent pending data mash up platform that does not require a data warehouse of any kind. Our team is also highly skilled in web and end-to-end portal technologies, making us quite a unique outfit. Practically every business intelligence vendor in the market right now claims to have invented visual analytics. The fact is, visual analytics is simply business intelligence with a different sales and marketing hat on. It has been around for years, and all business intelligence vendors do a very good job at it. But there are these three things that InetSoft is great at, and our goal is to continue to be great in those three areas.

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Stephen E Arnold, July 25, 2013

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