Pipe Information Dreams Often Forget

September 14, 2013

Do we dare broach the subject about heath care information and electronic media records? Yes, we do and we take into account “Dr. Karl Kochendorfer: Bridging The Knowledge Gap In Health Care” from Federated Search Blog. Dr. Karl Kochendorfer wants there to be an official federated search for the national health care system. His idea is to connect health care professionals to authoritative information with an instantaneous return. He cites that doctors and nurses are relying on Wikipedia and Google searches rather than authorized databases, because it is faster. Notice the danger?

Dr. Kochendorfer mentions this fact in a TED talk he gave in April called “Seek And Ye Shall.” He presents the idea for a federated search in this discussion, along with more of these facts:

  1. “There are 3 billion terabytes of information out there.
  2. There are 700,000 articles added to the medical literature every year.
  3. Information overload was described 140 years ago by a German surgeon: “It has become increasingly difficult to keep abreast of the reports which accumulate day after day … one suffocates through exposure to the massive body of rapidly growing information.”
  4. With better search tools, 275 million improved decisions could be made.
  5. Clinicians spend 1/3 of their time looking for information.”

Dr. Kochendorfer ‘s idea is grand, but how many academic databases are lining up to offer their information for free or without a hefty subscription fee? Academia is already desperate for money, asking them to share their wealth of knowledge without green will not go over too highly. Should there be a federated search with authoritative information and instantaneous results? Yes. Will it happen? Keep fixing the plumbing.

Whitney Grace, September 14, 2013

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