Watson Gets A Few More IQ Points

September 24, 2013

Watson impressed the world with a computer’s potential when IBM first introduced it in 2009. According to PC World, the powerful processor is about to get a few more IQ points: “IBM”S Watson Could Get Even Smarter With Power8 Chip.” Watson is currently running on the Power7 chip, but number 8 was discussed at a recent conference and is described as being two to three times faster. IBM’s Power line and Intel’s Xeon processor are used in most of the world’s supercomputing. Whenever IBM upgrades its product it uses Watson as a test dummy and the ultimate marketing tool.

Watson is already a powerful tool used in customer service applications, financial applications, and potentially smartphones. The new upgrade will make Watson and other computers that use the Power more than double their processing speed.

IBM has yet to release Power8, but it will soon:

“Recently, IBM announced its OpenPower initiative, where it will license the Power chips and co-develop an ecosystem around the Power architecture with companies like Google, Nvidia, and Mellanox. Up until now, IBM primarily used the Power design in its own servers. This new initiative makes it possible for cloud services and their technology providers to redesign the chips and circuit boards where computing is done, optimizing the interactions of microprocessors, memory, networking, data storage and other components, IBM executives said.”

More is just around the corner for Watson. I have made the joke before and I will continue to do so, I just hope it is not world domination.

Whitney Grace, September 24, 2013

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