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October 14, 2013

SharePoint 2013 has arrived with a bundle of additional add-ons and trinkets, so to speak. However, some may say that these small pieces are in many ways more impressive than SharePoint itself. TechRepublic covers the story in their article, “SharePoint 2013 Adds Better In-memory Analytics.”

“In its quest to never be outdone in the features wars, Microsoft has drifted into the habit of bundling its most impressive new capabilities as peripheral trinkets. But in the case of SharePoint 2013, they’ve set a new record for understatement. Yes, SharePoint 2013 is feature-rich almost to a fault, and yes, most of the new stuff is big-banner game-changing (Social computing! SharePoint-in-the-cloud!). But some of the most powerful items are geeky little widgets that barely get a mention on TechNet, and when it comes to SharePoint 2013, the In-Memory BI Engine tops the list.”

But while the business intelligence add-on might be noteworthy, many are saying that SharePoint 2013 is not. Most organizations still have to customize their way into efficiency, using multiple add-ons to compile a complete solution. Stephen E. Arnold, of ArnoldIT, is a longtime expert in search and a longstanding critic of SharePoint. In a recent article, Arnold finds that the latest version of SharePoint is structurally sound, but relatively ineffective, particularly for its search components. Microsoft continues to innovate, yet seems to keep missing the mark with basic features.

Emily Rae Aldridge, October 14, 2013


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