SharePoint Alternatives are Plentiful

October 16, 2013

SharePoint has almost become the default word for enterprise search, in the same way that Kleenex is synonymous with tissue. But many enterprises find that SharePoint is lacking and are looking for alternatives. These organizations may benefit from a review of the article, “6 SharePoint Alternatives,” which provides good alternatives, particularly for users who are mostly interested in the intranet service that allows colleagues to share resources.

The article begins:

“SharePoint alternatives mentioned below are just some of the multiple options you have in case you are done with the program in question and are willing to switch to another one. Microsoft’s contender is a collaborative tool that allows you to share ideas, project work, documents and more with your colleagues and helps you stay organized at all times . . . But there are some efficient software that can give the aforementioned application a run for its money. And you can expect them to tag along pretty much all of these features and a horde of others.”

No doubt that the alternatives all have strengths and weaknesses, in much the same way that SharePoint has its own set of pros and cons. But many organizations are tiring of all the expensive customization that SharePoint requires and will opt instead for a lower maintenance, focused solution. Stephen E. Arnold, of ArnoldIT, often addresses this issue as he covers the search industry. A recent Arnold article reports that while SharePoint 2013 is structurally sound, many are disappointed in its implementation and key functions. Stay tuned for SharePoint tips and tricks, as well as promising alternatives.

Emily Rae Aldridge, October 16, 2013


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