SharePoint Does Not Function as Stand Alone ECM

October 23, 2013

SharePoint was one of the first enterprise content management systems, and is definitely the most well known. But many people still think of it as an all-encompassing solution. CMS Wire Joe Shepley says that SharePoint may be a lot of things, but in his most recent story he contends that, “SharePoint Will (Almost) Never Be Your Sole ECM System.”

He boils it does to the main point:

“The short answer for why SharePoint will almost never be your sole enterprise content management (ECM) system is that, simply put, the vast majority of organizations have ECM needs that go beyond what SharePoint on its own can deliver. Full stop.”

Shepley goes on to back up his argument and list shortcomings for certain industries as well as shortcomings in general. He then goes on to explain that SharePoint with add-ons is not SharePoint on its own. In fact, add-ons have become so essential and so popular with SharePoint, that some may take this statement for granted. But add-ons are necessary, and keep SharePoint from being a standalone solution. In fact, Stephen E. Arnold of ArnoldIT, has long reviewed and discussed SharePoint add-ons, realizing that most enterprises have to have an add-on to meet their enterprise needs. In a recent article, Arnold explains that SharePoint is even weak in its key functions, collaboration and search. Add-ons are necessary and SharePoint alternatives may be even better.

Emily Rae Aldridge, October 23, 2013


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