Grabbing onto a Partnership

December 20, 2013

Partnerships develop when companies each possess a strength and then combine forces to build a beneficial relationship. The CogBlog, Cognition’s Semantic NLP Blog, announced a new relationship in the post, “Cognition To Power Grabbit’s Online Recommendation Engine.” Cognition is a leading name in semantic analysis and language process and Grabbit is the developer of a cloud-hosted suite of Web services. Together they have formed a strategic partnership that will combine Cognition’s natural language processing technology with Grabbit’s patent-pending system for making online recommendations of products, content, and people. The idea behind pairing the two technologies is that the semantic software would analyze social media content and then Grabbit’s software would then make product recommendations based on the data.

The article states:

“Cognition provides a powerful set of semantic tools to power Grabbit’s new web services. The scope of Cognition’s Semantic Map is more than double the size of any other computational linguistic dictionary for English, and includes more than ten million semantic connections that are comprised of semantic contexts, meaning representations, taxonomy and word meaning distinctions. The Map encompasses over 540,000 word senses (word and phrase meanings); 75,000 concept classes (or synonym classes of word meanings); 8,000 nodes in the technology’s ontology or classification scheme; and 510,000 word stems (roots of words) for the English language. Cognition’s lexical resources encode a wealth of semantic, morphological and syntactic information about the words contained within documents and their relationships to each other. These resources were created, codified and reviewed by lexicographers and linguists over a span of more than 25 years.”

Why do I get the feeling that online shopping is going to get even more complicated? Personal qualms aside, Cognition and Grabbit are not the first companies that come to mind when it comes to social media analytics and e-commerce. This partnership is not the first endeavor to cash in on Internet sales.

Whitney Grace, December 20, 2013

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