Datameer as a Spreadsheet, Combining Multiple Data Sources and Datasets

February 27, 2014

The article titled How to Integrate Multiple Data Types Into Hadoop With Datameer on the Datameer blog delves into the staff’s favorite features of the program. Besides a small amount of gushing, the article offers insight into the workings of Datameer and metaphors for its applications. The author says that Datameer’s ability to combine various data sources is its best feature, due to the ease with which users can combine datasets. The article states,

“One of the most compelling features in Datameer, in my opinion, is its ability to bring in multiple different data sources — structured, unstructured, from traditional databases, cloud sources, local files, etc. — and then be able to combine those datasets quickly and easily. You can think of Datameer as the single spreadsheet to bring previously siloed data sources together into a single view. I’ve created the below video to show you just how easy it is to do in our data integration wizard.”

The article offers the example from the Datameer staff workers, whose marketing office daily pulls from both Salesforce aand Marketo, two separate datasets. Datameer is set to automatically integrate the data into a single, more powerful dataset. The article also notes that if you don’t see your own preference for data source in the screenshot demos, Datameer also offers plug-ins for a customer connection.

Chelsea Kerwin, February 27, 2014

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