Taken in by Data Mining and Transfinancial Economics

April 2, 2014

Have you ever heard of transfinancial economics? It is a concept originated by Robert Searle and he writes about the topic and other related concepts on his blog The Economic Realms. Searle explains that:

“[Transfinancial economics] believes that apart from earned money, new unearned money could be electronically created without serious inflation notably for key climate change/ environmentally sustainable projects, and for high ethical/ social “enterprises.” “

It is a possible theory that could be explored, but while investigating Searle’s blog posts and his user profile it comes to light that Searle is either an extremely longwinded person or he is a dummy SEO profile. While trying to study his reasoning for transfinancial economics, he wrote a blog post that explains how data mining will be important to it.

He then copied the entire Wikipedia entry on data mining. Browsing through his other posts, he has copied other Wikipedia entries among a few original entries. If Searle is a real person, his blog follows a Pat Gunkel-esque writing style. He spins his ideas to connect to each other from his transfinancial economics to improvisation whistling. If you have time, you work through the entire blog for an analysis of the discipline and how transfinancial economics works. We doubt that Searle will be writing a book on the topic soon.

Whitney Grace, April 02 2014
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