Connotate: Marketing by Listing Features

August 6, 2014

Connotate posted a page that lists 51 features. The title of the Web page is “What Connotate Does Better than Scripts, Scrapers, and Toolkits.” The 51 features are grouped into 10 categories. Several are standard content processing operations; for example, scaling, ease of use, and rapid deployment.

Several are somewhat fuzzy. A good example is the category “Efficiency”. Connotate explains this concept with these features:

  • Highly efficient code is automatically generated during Agent training
  • Agents bookmark the final destination and identify links that aren’t necessary, bypassing useless links and arriving at the desired data much faster
  • Optimized navigation also generates less traffic on target websites
  • Supports load balancing
  • Multi-threaded – supports simultaneous execution of multiple Agents on a single system
    • Optimizes resource usage by analyzing clues during runtime about the various intended uses of the extracted data

From my experience with training systems, I know that the process can be quite a job, particularly when the source content is not scientific, technical, and medical information. STM is somewhat easier because the terminology is less colorful than social media content, for example. The deployment of agents that do not trigger a block by a target is a good idea. But load balancing is a different type of efficiency and one that is becoming part of some vendor’s punch list.

I found the 51 items useful as a thought starter for crafting a listicle.

Stephen E Arnold, August 6, 2014


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