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August 8, 2014

The early days of Internet search always yielded a myriad of search results. No two searches were ever alike and sponsored ads never made it to the top, because they were not around much. It was especially fun, because you go to see more personal, less corporate content. Now search results are so cluttered, albeit more accurate results and with paid links. Given that humans are also creatures of habit, we tend not to stray far from out safe surfing paths and shockingly the Internet can become a boring place. wrote “Discover Interesting Content With Five Ways To Randomize The Internet” and it points out some neat ways to discover new information. It highlights basic ways: Random Wikipedia, random Google Street View, random YouTube, and random Reddit. For all of these be prepared to get sucked into Internet linkage, videos, and photos for hours if you use any of these tools of randomness. Random Website takes users to any random Web site in its generator.

“How often do you find yourself on the Internet looking at the same boring pages? You know there is something out there but you don’t know where to look. Trust me, how bad could it be?”

What is fun is being taken to dark pages of Web 1.0 or a Web site that serves no purpose other than hosting a single word on a single page.

A lot of Internet content is weird, as seen by using these tools, but some of it can lead you to new thoughts and interests. If you need a metaphor, imagine the Internet is like an encyclopedia, except the entries never end and contain all the information about a topic instead of a short summary.

Whitney Grace, August 08, 2014
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