Google Free and Clear to Rank Search Results Any Way It Wants

November 18, 2014

Well, bad news for those who want to force Google to modify the order in which search results appear. If I understand “Court Rules Google Can Arrange Search Results Any Way It Wants,” relevance is what Google wants. Period.

Precision. Irrelevant.

Recall. Irrelevant.

Relevance. Google defines it, thank you.

Here’s the key passage in the “real” journalism write up:

Sure, this [San Francisco court decision] doesn’t mean Google will be protected forever from other angry websites, here at home or elsewhere around the globe. But, should a similar lawsuit arise, it does allow the company to argue that a court has already agreed with it before.

The GOOG is unleashed. Are you thinking more about AdWords.

Stephen E Arnold, November 18, 2014


One Response to “Google Free and Clear to Rank Search Results Any Way It Wants”

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