Pentaho Makes Big Plans for Big Data in 2015

January 1, 2015

The Pentaho blog takes the year in review and makes some pretty big speculations about 2015 and they’re big, because they concern big data: “Big Data In 2015-Power To The People.” Pentaho predicted that big data business demands would be shaped by businesses’ demands for data blending and it turns out that was correct. Companies do not have standard data sets that fly across the board, rather each company in different fields are turning to big data to handle their increasing amount of data sets.

“Moving into 2015, and fired up by their initial big data bounties, businesses will seek even more power to explore data freely, structure their own data blends, and gain profitable insights faster. They know “there’s gold in them hills” and they want to mine for even more!”

The post’s 2015 big data predictions are even bigger than the imagination.

In 2015, companies will want to blend traditional data with more unstructured content. An example of how this will be used is to get a 360-degree customer profile. Combining social media with sentiment analysis about a company’s good and services tells them more about their clients. Industry is predicted to see big changes in operational, strategic, and competitive advantages by feeding companies info on to improve in these areas. Think smart house capabilities transferred to the new smart factories.

Big data will also have more flexibility in the cloud and people are demanding embedded analytics to see all the nitty gritty details about their business. The list ends that more big data power will be given to the people, mostly in ease of use. You can’t really call that a prediction, more like common sense. Whatever happens in 2015, big data will see big growth.

Whitney Grace, January 01, 2015
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    Pentaho Makes Big Plans for Big Data in 2015 : Stephen E. Arnold @ Beyond Search

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