HP: Serious Fraud Office Served Up Cold Bangers and Beans

January 19, 2015

I assume that the New York Times has this story straight: “British Fraud Office Ends HP-Autonomy Inquiry.” If you have to pay to access the source or it disappears, don’t hassle me.

Here’s the paragraph about Hewlett Packard’s decision to pay big buck billions to purchase Autonomy:

“In respect of some aspects of the allegations, the S.F.O. has concluded that, on the information available to it, there is insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction,” the British authorities said in a statement on Monday.

HP will pump up in the Palo Alto gym and hit the US courts. But the decision is probably about as appetizing as an expense plate of bangers and beans at a Millwall football match.

HP hopes for a billion dollar burger from the US courts. The only question in my mind is, “Didn’t HP make the decision to buy Autonomy.”

Sir Mike Lynch is a compelling individual, but not even his skills can convince a printer ink company to spend $11 billion for mid 1990s’ technology. Perhaps HP would like to purchase DarkTrace which seems to be shaping up into another winner.

Stephen E Arnold, January 19, 2015


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