A Kettle of Search Fish

April 6, 2015

We have hear a lot about the semantic Web and search engine optimization (SEO), but both have the common thread of making information more accessible and increasing its use.  One would think this would be the same kettle of fish, but sometimes it is hard to make SEO and the semantic Web work together for platonic web experience.  On Slideshare.net, Eric Franzon’s “SEO Meets Semantic Web-Saint Patrick’s Day 2015-Meetup” tries to consolidate the two into one happy fish taco.  The presentation tries to explain how the two work together, but here is the official description:

“Schema.org didn’t just appear out of thin air in 2011. It was built upon a foundation of web standards and technologies that have been in development for decades. In this presentation, Eric Franzon, Managing Partner of SemanticFuse provides an introduction to Semantic Web standards such as RDF and SPARQL. He explores who’s using them today and why (hint: it involves money), and takes a look at how Semantic Web, Linked Data, and schema.org are related.”

The problem with the presentation is that we do not have the audio to accompany it, but by flipping through the slides we can understand the general idea.  The semantic Web is full of relationships that are connected by ideas and require coding and other fancy stuff to make it one big kettle.  In fact, this appears to have too much of the semantic Web flavor and not enough of the SEO spice.  One is a catfish for fine meal and the other is a fish fry without the oil.

Whitney Grace, April 6, 2015
Stephen E Arnold, Publisher of CyberOSINT at www.xenky.com


2 Responses to “A Kettle of Search Fish”

  1. Eric Franzon on April 6th, 2015 5:56 pm

    Thanks for the shout-out! I hope this particular deck is useful to your readers when it comes to understanding the Semantic Web.

    For the record, it was paired at the live Meetup with a presentation by the incomparable Bill Slawski (SEO guru extraordinaire https://twitter.com/bill_slawski) who gave a bit on SEO before we dived into the Semantic Web waters. That deck is available also:

    And if anyone is interested in the audio, feel free to reach out to me directly.

  2. Bill Slawski on April 6th, 2015 8:50 pm

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m very happy that you featured Eric Franzon’s Presentation in this post. It was very well done, and very well received in the Lotico San Diego Semantic Web Meetup where Eric co-presented with me. Before Eric gave his presentation I gave one that was from someone with more of an SEO background, Titled “Semantic SEO: Evolved Query Results”, which can be found at:


    The audio for Eric’s Presentation is sadly something that you missed out on, and it was extremely helpful and engaging and informative.

    I think, taken together, the two presentations gave the people who signed up for the meetup a healthy combination of SEO and Semantic Web. As the Event page for the meetup told guests, Eric’s background and his presentation would come from a Semantic Web focus. The event page is at:


    I’ve been enjoying you write-ups on Search patents and technology for years. Thanks for writing about Eric’s Presentation; he brought a much better awareness of the Semantic Web to an audience that was much more familiar with SEO.

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