Google and Its Fashion Forward Strategy

April 27, 2015

Enough with the advanced technology. The Google is getting into the Project Runway world. I learned a couple of days ago that the fascinating Google Glass is making a comeback. I mean a fashionable comeback. I think the phrase is fashion forward. None of the Glasshole stuff. Like New Coke, the fashionable Glass will be a winner from the Italian outfit. You can read about the new Glass or Glass 2.0 in “Luxottica Working on Intel Powered Google Glass 2.0.” Curious about Lexottica. Here’s some background information:


I see you.

Another fashion-tastic announcement hit my Overflight system. Here is the write up which snagged my attention: “The Latest Fashion, Trending on Google.” I learned:

…Consumers are Googling tulle skirts, midi skirts, palazzo pants and jogger pants, according to the company, which plans to start issuing fashion trend reports based on user searches twice a year. The new trend aggregations are part of the company’s bid to become a bigger player in e-commerce and fashion beyond its product search engine or advertising platform. In its inaugural report, Google distinguishes between “sustained growth” trends, like tulle skirts and jogger pants; flash-in-the-pan obsessions like emoji shirts and kale sweatshirts; and “seasonal growth” trends, or styles that have come back stronger every spring, like white jumpsuits. It makes similar distinctions among sustained declines (peplum dresses), seasonal ones (skinny jeans) and fads that are probably over and done (scarf vests).

My reaction to the announcement was anticipation. I believe that one or more of the fashionistas at Google will soon be booked to appear on Project Runway. Perhaps the Style cable channel will cover Google on campus lectures. Is there a Marie Claire photo spread about Googlers wearing the latest in Silicon Valley fashion. There are some flashy dressers at the various GOOG offices. A certain Robert W. attended a meeting with me in London in a quite sporty outfit. My recollection is that the person from a certain government agency asked me, “Is that the type of stuff Mr. Brin wore to his initial meetings with Washington DC’s movers and shakers.” I replied, “No, I think that Mr. Brin wore a T shirt with sneakers.”

I am so excited about this festive development. I will set my video recorder so I don’t miss a single episode of Project Runway. Imagine. Tim and Heidi in Google Glass 2.0. I have to take a deep breath. Will the designers use Google to make certain their one day wonders are right in step with the bpm of the style makers?

Stephen E Arnold, April 27, 2015


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