Microsoft Nudges English to Ideographs

May 5, 2015

Short honk: In my college days, I studied with a fellow who was the world’s expert in the morpheme burger. You are familiar with hamburger. Lev Soudek (I believe this was his name) set out to catalog every use of –burger he could find. Dr. Soudek was convinced that words had a future.

He is probably pondering the rise of ideographs like emoji. For insiders, a pictograph can be worth a thousand words. I suppose the morpheme burger is important to the emergence of the hamburger icon like this:


Microsoft is pushing into new territory according to “Microsoft Is First to Let You Flip the Middle Finger Emoji.” Attensity, Smartlogic, and other content processing systems will be quick to adapt. The new Microsoft is a pioneering outfit.

Is it possible to combine the hamburger icon with the middle finger emoji to convey a message without words.

Dr. Soudek, what do you think?

image image

What about this alternative?

image image

How would one express this thought? Modern language? Classy!

Stephen E Arnold, May 5, 2015


2 Responses to “Microsoft Nudges English to Ideographs”

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