Data Darkness

May 28, 2015

According to Datameer, organizations do not use a large chunk of their data and it is commonly referred to “dark data.”  “Shine Light On Dark Data” explains that organizations are trying to dig out the dark data and use it for business intelligence or in more recent terms big data.  Dark data is created from back end business processes as well as from regular business activities.  It is usually stored on storage silo in a closet and only kept for compliance audits.

Dark data has a lot of hidden potential:

Research firm IDC estimates that 90 percent of digital data is dark. This dark data may come in the form of machine or sensor logs that when analyzed help predict vacated real estate or customer time zones that may help businesses pinpoint when customers in a specific region prefer to engage with brands. While the value of these insights are very significant, setting foot into the world of dark data that is unstructured, untagged and untapped is daunting for both IT and business users.”

The article suggests making a plan to harness the dark data and it does not offer much in the way of approaching a project other than making it specifically for dark data, such as identifying sources, use Hadoop to mine it, and tests results against other data sets.

This article is really a puff piece highlighting dark data without going into much detail about it.  They are forgetting that the biggest movement in IT from the past three years: big data!

Whitney Grace, May 28, 2015

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