Semantic Promotions and a Nutrition Free Exercise

July 26, 2015

I saw a link to an item called “5 Basic Steps to Make Sure You Hit Page 1 on Google.” I followed it to this message:


One link pointed to this page:


But this image was the message.

Intrigued I chased the other urls in the post and located this write up:


What happened? I am not sure how the link bait promising number one on Google leads to “Semantic Search: The Future of Marketing.” There must be an informing hand somewhere.

I looked at the write up. Like many odd duck semantic search honks, the article explains that semantic search allows software to understand the context of a search. I am not sure how software would have navigate the original message but broken html is not the focus of the future of marketing. Or is it?

The write up zips through schemas, provides an example of structured data testing courtesy of the Google, dips into the knowledge graph thing, mentions Google’s direct answers, and more. Just briefly and in an earthworm manner. The write up strings out screen shots in order to explain the future of marketing I assume.

The conclusion is an interesting collection of “opportunities.” One of them is to be “mobile friendly.” Got it.

Now if we go back to the starting point we see that this is a collection of links and digital pabulum, an insufficient comestible for the addled goose. My hunch is that others may want some more substantial victuals. On the other hand, SEO experts may find the article’s information a feast at the Golden Arches.

Stephen E Arnold, July 26, 2015


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