dtSearch Chases Those Pesky PDFs

September 7, 2015

While predictive analytics and other litigation software are more important than ever for legal professionals to sift through the mounds of documents and discover patterns, several companies have come to the rescue, especially dtSearch.  Inside Counsel explains how a “New dtSearch Release Offers More Support To Lawyers.”

The latest dtSearch release is not only able to search through terabytes of information in online and offline environments, but its documents filters have broadened to search encrypted PDFs, including those with a password.  While PDFs are a universally accepted document format, they are a pain to deal with if they ever have to be edited or are password protected.

Also included in the dtSearch are other beneficial features:

“Additionally, dtSearch products can parse, index, search, display with highlighted hits, and extract content from full-text and metadata in several data types, including: Web-ready content; other databases; MS Office formats; other “Office” formats, PDF, compression formats; emails and attachments; Recursively embedded objects; Terabyte Indexer; and Concurrent, Multithreaded Searching.”

The new PDF search feature with the ability to delve into encrypted PDF files is a huge leap ahead of its rivals, being able to explore PDFs without Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editor will make pursuing through litigation much simpler.

Whitney Grace, September 7, 2015
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