Searching Google Drive Is Easier than Ever

December 29, 2015

Google search is supposed to be the most reliable and accurate search, so by proxy Google Drive should be easy to search as well, right?  Wrong!  Google Drive is like a cartoon black hole.  It has an undisclosed amount of space and things easily get lost in it.  Fear not, Google Drive users for Tech Republic has posted a nifty guide on how to use Google Drive’s search and locate your lost spreadsheets and documents: “Pro Tip: How To Use Google Drive’s New And Improved Search.”

Google drive can now be searched with more options: owner, keywords. Item name, shared with, date modified, file type, and located in.  The article explains the quickest way to search Google Drive is with the standard wildcard.  It is the search filter where you add an asterisk to any of the listed search types and viola, the search results list all viable options.  The second method is described as the most powerful option, because it is brand new advanced search feature.  By clicking on the drop down arrow box in the search box, you can access filters to limit or expand your search results.

“For anyone who depends upon Google Drive to store and manage their data, the new search tool will be a major plus. No longer will you have to dig through a vast array of search results to find what you’re looking for. Narrow the field down with the new Drive search box.”

The new search features are pretty neat, albeit standard for most databases.  Why did it take Google so long to deploy them in the first place?

Whitney Grace, December 29, 2015
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