There Is a Hole in the Cloud

January 11, 2016

Everyone is running to the cloud to reserve their own personal data spot.  Companies have migrated their services to the cloud to serve a growing mobile clientele.  If you are not on the cloud, it is like you’re still using an old flip phone.  The cloud is a viable and useful service that allows people to access their data anytime and anywhere.  Business Insider reveals that cloud usage is heavily concentrated in the US:  “Latest Data From The Valley’s Oldest VC Firm Shows One Big Flaw In The Hype Around The Cloud.”

Bessemer Venture Partners is the longest running venture capitalist company in Silicon Valley.  To celebrate its 100th cloud investment, it surveyed where the company’s cloud investments are located.  Seventy-six of the startups are in the US, eleven are in Israel, and four are in Canada.

“The fact that less than one-quarter of BVP’s cloud investments are in non-US startups shows the adoption of cloud technologies is lagging in the rest of the world. It’s also a reminder that, even after all these years of cloud hype, many countries are still concerned about some aspects of cloud technology.”

Cloud adoption around the world is slow due to the US invents a lot of new technology and the rest of the world must catch up.  Security is another big concern and companies are hesitant to store sensitive information on a system with issues.

The cloud has only been on the market for ten years and has only gained attention in the past five.  Cell phones, laptops, and using open source software took time to catch on as well.

Whitney Grace, January 11, 2016
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