Cybercrime as a Service Drives Cyber Attacks on Uber Accounts and More

January 26, 2016

Several articles lately have shined light on the dynamics at play in the cybercriminal marketplaces of the Dark Web; How much is your Uber account worth?, for example, was recently published on Daily Mail. Summarizing a report from security researchers at Trend Micro for CNBC, the article explains this new information extends the research previously done by Intel Security’s The Hidden Data Economy report. Beyond describing the value hierarchy where Uber and Paypal logins cost more than social security numbers and credit cards, this article shares insights on the bigger picture,

“’Like any unregulated, efficient economy, the cybercrime ecosystem has quickly evolved to deliver many tools and services to anyone aspiring to criminal behavior,’ said Raj Samani, chief technology officer for Intel Security EMEA. ‘This “cybercrime-as-a-service” marketplace has been a primary driver for the explosion in the size, frequency, and severity of cyber attacks.

‘The same can be said for the proliferation of business models established to sell stolen data and make cybercrime pay.’”

Moving past the shock value of the going rates, this article draws our attention to the burgeoning business of cybercrime. Similarly to the idea that Google has expanded the online ecosystem by serving as a connector, it appears marketplaces in the Dark Web may be carving out a similar position. Quite the implications when you consider the size of the Dark Web.


Megan Feil, January 26, 2016

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