US and Europe Split After Much Attensity

February 9, 2016

Most companies that are split across oceans usually have a parent company they remain attached to, however, PR Newswire shares that “IMCap Partners Acquire Attensity Europe.”  Attensity Group Inc. is a leading provider in customer interaction management and its sub-company Attensity Europe headed its solutions across the pond.  Recently, IMCap Partners invested money in a deal for Attensity Europe to split apart from the parent and become an independent company.  Thomas Dreikauss will remain the CEO and also become a new shareholder in the new company.  None of the details related to the purchase price and other details remain private.

Attensity Europe plans to focus on developing its omni-channel customer service and its market-leading product Respond, multilingual and omni-channel response management software.  Respond increases productivity processing customer written requests and ensures better transparency over the service level.

“ ‘The market for CRM solutions is growing by just under 14% a year on average, according to Gartner, and therefore at a much more rapid rate than the overall software market. With Respond Attensity Europe is focusing on the highly attractive and rapid-growth customer interaction management/customer care segment, providing a solution that also fully meets the requirements of very large customer service units. The solution’s analytics, scalability and integration capacity are setting standards in the industry. Respond is a highly flexible, future-proof platform for customer service covering all written communication channels, including social media,” indicated Rolf Menne, operating partner at IMCap. “In cooperation with the highly motivated team at Attensity Europe, we see extremely attractive growth potential.’”

Attensity Europe will be rebranded and already has plans to take off in the coming year.

Whitney Grace, February 9, 2016
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2 Responses to “US and Europe Split After Much Attensity”

  1. Raeann Felde on February 9th, 2016 5:14 pm

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  2. Catherine Woneis on February 10th, 2016 2:37 pm

    Yes, this is really the end of the Attensity/Empolis/Living-e combination. All three entities were combined in 2009 under the Attensity Group umbrella; Empolis spun back out a couple of years ago, and the old XtraMind/Living-e is now independent again as well. Good luck to all parties!

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