The History of ZyLab

February 10, 2016

Big data was a popular buzzword a few years ago, making it seem that it was a brand new innovation.  The eDiscovery process, however, has been around for several decades, but recent technology advancements have allowed it to take off and be implemented in more industrial fields.  While many big data startups have sprung up, ZyLab-a leading innovator in the eDiscovery and information governance-started in its big data venture in 1983.   ZyLab created a timeline detailing its history called, “ZyLab’s Timeline Of Technical Ingenuity.”

Even though ZyLab was founded in 1983 and introduced the ZyIndex, its big data products did not really take off until the 1990s when personal computers became an indispensable industry tool.  In 1995, ZyLab made history by being used in the OJ Simpson and Uni-bomber investigations.  Three years later it introduced text search in images, which is now a standard search feature for all search engines.

Things really began to take off for ZyLab in the 2000s as technology advanced to the point where it became easier for companies to create and store data as well as beginning the start of masses of unstructured data.  Advanced text analytics were added in 2005 and ZyLab made history again by becoming the standard for United Nations War Crime Tribunals.

During 2008 and later years, ZyLab’s milestones were more technological, such as creating the Zylmage SharePoint connector and Google Web search engine integration, the introduction of the ZyLab Information Management Platform, first to offer integrated machine translation in eDiscovery, adding audio search, and incorporating true native visual search and categorization.

ZyLab continues to make historical as well as market innovations for eDiscovery and big data.


Whitney Grace, February 10, 2016
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