Third Party Company Profiteering

March 31, 2016

We might think that we keep our personal information from the NSA, but there are third party companies that legally tap ISP providers and phone companies and share the information with government agencies. ZDNet shares the inside story about this legal loophole, “Meet The Shadowy Tech Brokers That Deliver Your Data To The NSA.”  These third party companies hide under behind their neutral flag and then reap a profit.  You might have heard of some of them: Yaana, Subsentio, and Neustar.

“On a typical day, these trusted third-parties can handle anything from subpoenas to search warrants and court orders, demanding the transfer of a person’s data to law enforcement. They are also cleared to work with classified and highly secretive FISA warrants. A single FISA order can be wide enough to force a company to turn over its entire store of customer data.

Once the information passes through these third party companies it is nearly impossible to figure out how it is used.  The third party companies do conduct audits, but it does little to protect the average consumer.  Personal information is another commodity to buy, sell, and trade.  It deems little respect for the individual consumer.  Who is going to stand up for the little guy?  Other than Edward Snowden?


Whitney Grace, March 31, 2016
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