Google Changes Its Algorithm Again

May 26, 2016

As soon as we think we have figured out how to get our content to the top of Google’s search rankings, the search engine goes and changes its algorithms.  The Digital Journal offers some insight into “Op-Ed: How Will The Google 2016 Algorithm Change Affect Our Content?”

In early 2016, Google announced they were going to update their Truth Algorithm and it carries on many of the aspects they have been trying to push.  Quality content over quantity is still very important.  Keyword heavy content is negated in favor of pushing Web sites that offer relevant, in-depth content and that better answer a user’s intent.

SEO changes took a dramatic turn with a Penguin uploaded and changes in the core algorithm.  The biggest game changer is with mobile technologies:

“The rapid advancement of mobile technologies is deeply affecting the entire web scenario. Software developers are shifting towards the development of new apps and mobile websites, which clearly represent the future of information technology. Even the content for mobile websites and apps is now different, and Google had to account for that with the new ranking system changes. The average mobile user is very task oriented and checks his phones just to quickly accomplish a specific task, like finding a nearby café or cinema. Mobile-oriented content must be much shorter and concise than web-oriented one. The average web surfer wants to know, learn and explore things in a much more relaxed setting.”

Google wants to clear its search results of what is known as unviable information and offer users a better quality search experience for both their mobile devices and standard desk computers.  Good to know that someone wants to deliver a decent product.


Whitney Grace, May 26, 2016
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