Palantir Technologies: Pushing Back at Labor

October 15, 2016

Goodness gracious. Palantir Technologies is becoming a public outfit despite its penchant for secrecy. The company was featured in a Fortune Magazine write up called “Palantir Responds to Labor Department’s Discrimination Lawsuit.” Too bad Fortune’s online site did not include a link to the Palantirians’ response. The main point is that the US Department of Labor did not reflect reality. The main point of the Fortune write up struck me as this statement:

Palantir’s aim? To clear its name and move on.

Yeah. My hunch is that the “aim” is to continue to get US government contracts and not lose the work already underway. The notion that Palantir’s reputation is fueling the hassle with Labor is interesting. My view from rural Kentucky is that Palantir sued the US Army and the wheels of government often turn in eccentric ways. I am surprised that the IRS and SEC have not raised questions. In the current political climate, fooling around with government bureaucracy can be interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, October 15, 2016


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