A Partial List of Search Engines: Yep, Really Incomplete

February 17, 2017

I read “Better Than Google: 7 Search Engines You Should Try.” I love that should. Very parental. Sometimes parents are wrong, however. I noted this passage:

There is no argument about Google being a reliable and popular search engine. But if you are interested in one that suits your specific interest, search type, or desire to help others, then check out these awesome seven alternatives.

I love that word awesome.

Okay, here are the sever search engines mom and dad want me to try out:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ixquick, now repositioned as StartPage
  • Vimeo
  • Yahoo image search
  • FindSounds
  • Ecosia
  • Lilo, which pops up an “add to Opera” link and reports that Opera is not supported. Interesting.


Not familiar with these. Well, you will find the research  these deliver “awesome.”

I would point out that free Web search engines are struggling for traffic. In one of our HonkinNews’ programs we pointed out that DuckDuckGo “crowed” about having processed about 15 million queries in one day. Google fields billions in 24 hours.

For thorough research, it is often useful to check out such systems as Bing, Qwant, and Yandex. If one is looking with extreme prejudice, a dip into iseek.com, Giburu, or (heaven forbid) commercial services.

But awesome does not mean thorough. Awesome means a nifty view or a sense of apprehension and fear. Yep, that’s what I experience when I learn that I should try these search engines. Stirring.

Stephen E Arnold, February 17, 2017


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