Quote to Note: Google and Its Red Herrings

March 9, 2017

I read “Google Makes Such a Big Deal Out of Everything But Its Search Business.” Wake up call. Google is going on 20 years of fun and excitement in online and content processing. It’s been running the same game plan for maybe 14, 15 years. It is good that CNBC is sort of thinking about the GOOG.

In the write up, there is a quote which I noted. The rest of the write up is pretty forgettable. Here’s the statement allegedly made by Peter Thiel, founder of Palantir Technologies and adviser to the new US administration. Here’s the comment:

If you have a monopoly, you will tell people you are in a super-competitive business. And if you are in a super-competitive business, you will tell people that you have a monopoly of sorts. So for example, if you have a search company in Silicon Valley that I will not name, if you were to go around to CEOs saying, ‘We have a bigger share of the market and higher profit margins than Microsoft ever had in the 1990s,’ you wouldn’t do that…You don’t even talk about search. You say, ‘We are a technology company with an enormous space called technology, and we’re competing with Apple on smartphones, and we’re competing on self-driving cars, and there’s competition in everything we’re doing except this one thing called search, and we never talk about that.'”

Stephen E Arnold, March 9, 2017


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