The Next Digital Assistant Is Apple Flavored

June 6, 2017

Amazon Alexa dominated the digital assistant market until Google released Google Assistant.  Both assistants are accessible through smart devices, but more readily through smart speakers that react to vocal commands.  Google and Amazon need to move over, because Apple wants a place on the coffee table.  Mashable explores Apple’s latest invention in, “Apple’s Answer To The Amazon Echo Could Be Unveiled As Early As June.”

Guess who will be the voice behind Apple’s digital assistant?  Why Siri, of course!  While Apple can already hear your groans, the shiny, new smart speaker will distract you.  Apple is fantastically wonderful at packaging and branding their technology to be chic, minimalist, and trendy.  Will the new packaging be enough to gain Siri fans?  Apple should consider deploying Bitext’s computational linguistic platform that renders human speech more comprehensible to computers and even includes sentimental analysis.  This is an upgrade Siri desperately needs.

Apple is also in desperate need to upgrade itself to the increasing demand for smart home products:

Up until now, people married to the Apple ecosystem haven’t had many smart-home options. That’s because the two dominant players, Echo and Google Home, don’t play nice with Siri. So if people wanted to stick with Apple, they only really had one option: Wait it out.
That’s about to change as the new Essential Home will work with Apple’s voice assistant. And, as an added bonus, the Essential Home looks nice. So nice, in fact, that it could sway Apple fans who are dying to get in on the smart-home game but don’t want to wait any longer for Apple to get its act together. “

The new Apple digital assistant will also come with a screen, possibly a way to leverage more of the market and compete with the new Amazon Echo Show.  However, I thought the point of having a smart speaker was to decrease a user’s dependency on screen-related devices.  That’s going to be a hard habit to break, but it’s about time Apple added its flavor to the digital assistant shelf.

Whitney Grace, June 6, 2017


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