Dark Web? Likely to Gain Traction

June 14, 2017

I completed a series of presentations at the TechnoSecurity & Digital Forensics Conference, June 5, 6, and 7. After my two presentations, two attendees spoke with me as I was preparing for my three hour invitation only tutorial on June 7. The two individuals told me that the most surprising point I made was that the Dark Web will become more important.

As we talked about their comment, I learned that after my talks a number of people were discussing the “knowledge gap” I identified in the existing cyber training programs. Specifically, the how to aspect of obtaining information about the Dark Web was a topic of considerable interest.


Stephen E Arnold fields a question about the impact of censorship, filtering, and surveillance on the Dark Web.

However, I learned from these professionals that the stepped up efforts to require Internet companies to perform filtering for hate speech and other information was moving forward in parallel with Theresa May’s call for more stringent content filtering in the UK. Egypt is following suit. Are the actions of Nokia Symbian and the BlackBerry OS smartphones an example of greater controls on WhatsApp?

The conclusion I offered was that activities possible on Surface Web services would force some activities to the Dark Web. As a result, as law enforcement, intelligence, and government efforts increased on Surface Web traffic, services, Web sites, and apps, the importance of the Dark Web would go up.

In my talks I offered this information in the context of squeezing a sponge or tube of toothpaste. The substance has to go elsewhere.

To sum up, the Dark Web is poised to become of more interest to those engaged in law enforcement, security, and intelligence activities.

For more information about the Dark Web, you can navigate to www.xenky.com/darkwebnotebook to get information about my handbook designed for professionals working in the LE and intel field. My earlier book about CyberOSINT is described at www.xenky.com/cyberosint.

Watch for information about my participation in the TechnoSecurity conference in San Antonio, Texas, in September 2017. We are considering an advanced Dark Web session as well as an invitation only training session about creating a legend for a false identity. These sessions are available only to those currently working in US or its allies’ law enforcement and intelligence entities.

Stephen E Arnold, June 14, 2017


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