Ask Me Anything by Google

August 7, 2017

In a recently released report by Google, the search engine giant says that out of billions of queries searched by its users, around 15% are unique or new queries.

Quartz in an article titled However Strange Your Search, Chances Are Google Has Seen It Before says:

His research shows that people turn to Google to learn about things prohibited by social norms: racist memes, self-induced abortions, and sexual fetishes of all kinds. In India, for example, the most popular query beginning “my husband wants…” is “…me to breastfeed him.

Google has become synonymous with the search for any kind of information, service or product all over the planet. Websites that can cater to audience demand for information thus have an opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity and monetize their websites.

A recent report suggests that SEO, the core of digital marketing is a $90 billion industry and soon will surpass $150 billion in revenues by 2020. It’s thus an excellent opportunity for anyone with niche audience to monetize the idea.

Vishal Ingole, August 7, 2017


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