After Voice, Visual Search Is next Frontier for Search

August 9, 2017

From text to voice, search business has come a long way. If Pinterest co-founder is to be believed, the future of search is visual.

In an interview to BBC Correspondent and published as the video titled Pinterest Co-Founder Says Photos Hold the Future of Search, co-founder Evan Sharp says:

There are billions of ideas on Pinterest and users search an equal number of them on Pinterest. Our primary source of revenue is advertising wherein we help business promote their products and services through Pins

There might be some substance to what Sharp is saying. Google recently revealed Google Lens and Google Deep Dream. While Google Lens helps users to identify and search objects around them, Deep Dream is a creative tool used for creating composite images using various sources. The intent is to encourage users to use visual tools that the company is building.

VR and AR are the buzzwords now and soon marketers will be placing virtual ads within these visual mediums to promote their products. Though Google Goggles failed to take off, it was probably because the product was ahead of its time. How about a second take now?

Vishal Ingole, August 9, 2017


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