SEO Write Up Explains How to Create a Web Page within Google Local

September 18, 2017 may be sitting on the sidelines. An injured thigh muscle maybe? How can a business create a presence in Google results without a Web page?

That’s the question “Local SEO” tries to answer. And answer the question it does.

The write up does a good job of explaining how to create a “free” Web page about your business complete with images.

My thought is that the Google may be enriching its trove of information with free services that foreshadow content creation.

Instead of searching for user-created blog content in Google News via a wonky hidden option, the user created content can just “live” within the Google Local system.

That’s one way to deliver “unified search.” Remember that concept from the universal search assertions from about 10 years ago.

Fragmentation in Google services? What fragmentation? There’s no fragmentation in Android and there is no fragmentation in Google search results as long as one runs separate, serial queries across Google Books, Google News, et al. Oh, and Perhaps not for long?

Stephen E Arnold, September 18, 2017


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