What Will Marketers Do When Google Goes Away?

November 6, 2017

Wait, do not panic!  Google is still around to help you search for restaurants, test answers, and cat GIFs.  Keep your towel handy, however, because Mark Schaefer at Business Grow has some mighty interesting information about SEO and other Internet marketing strategies in, “What Happens To Your Marketing Effort When Google Search Goes Away?”  Schaefer makes a clever point in the article’s introduction that consumers are searching for reliable answers to their queries, but businesses are trying to be the number one answer or top search result at any given time.

It might be that search results are going away.  Where are they going?  Technically, search results will still exist, but voice search tools like Siri and Alexia will be the game changer.  Schaefer said that no one has invented a vocal search marketing strategy yet.  Smart speakers are one of the latest tech gadgets and eventually, they may become indispensable modern tools, like indoor plumbing, electricity, and the Internet.  So what will happen?

From a marketing standpoint, the idea that fascinates me is that increasingly, these speakers will be the “economic on-ramp” for commerce, as Google search is now. However, Amazon will try to direct you to the Amazon eco-system and Apple will try to keep you in the Apple eco-system. This is where the real battleground will be.


Who will “own” or partner with the Wal-Mart eco-system?  Will we choose a car in the future due to the brand of smart speaker we like best?  Will one part of our home be controlled by Google, another part by Amazon, while an Apple device plays out TV and music?

Marketers are going to need to find a new way to advertise their wares.  Looking back at history, this is not new.  The same happened with radio, TV, and then the Internet.  Smart speaker “airspace” is brand new, but the concept of marketing on the new territory is not.

Whitney Grace, November 6, 2017


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